4 questions asked to Lotti Haeger, Lotti Haeger Design

This new Colombian fabric and wallpaper brand has an exclusive preview showing at Atelier Pia, Lotti Haeger Design by Lotti Haeger. Here in an interview at Atelier Pia, Lotti Haeger the brand ́s creator of Swedish origin with more than 30 years living in Colombia, she reveals the secrets of her inspiration and the production of her creations.

  • Can you introduce yourself ?

I am a Swedish art director living in Bogotá Colombia . I have a 25 year work experience within film, television theatre and venue design.

  • How was the idea of Lotti Haeger Design ?

The idea of my brand developed some 20 years ago, I have waited patiently for maturity while accumulating enough experience before daring to be so bold as to come out with my own first collection, always respecting those who came before me and those who are to come. It is a huge challenge.

  • What was your inspiration for this first collection called ASITA ?

The name ASITA is very important to me. Asunción Madariaga ( Asita ) had fled the Spanish civil war at the age of 24, same age I had when I arrived to Colombia, she was my mother-in-law. She had 3 beautiful volumes from the Botanical Expedition, one day before her passing away she came to my home, gave me the books and said ̈there will come a day when these will inspire you ̈ ….and here you have me !

  • Do you work with local artisans for the production of your creations, can you tell us about this ?

Absolutely, Colombian artisans are amazing, hard working and rarely say no to a demanding task. Their thirst for knowledge as well as their desire to improve is admirable. It has been a challenging year and a half of trial and error, I have shed many tears and have suffered sleepless nights, this will go on for a while, but the end result is so gratifying….. see for yourself.

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